Valerie Lopes, BSc, MA, PhD

Valerie Lopes

Transforming learning experiences, my focus is  on re-imagining the construct of post-secondary education and the skills, knowledge and attributes required to enable and enhance learning, in all its formats.   I am passionate about teaching and about designing courses and developing curriculum and programs that enable individuals to be informed, responsible and engaged citizens  in a complex, global and increasingly digital world. I constantly ask myself “How am I impacting learning?  and, How do I know?” My work is grounded in the principles of Universal Design for Learning and in the  constructive alignment of curriculum – linking learning outcomes to assessments and thoughtfully using technology tools to enable and enhance learning.

With extensive experience in leading projects, program development and evaluation, I have participated in  program quality assessment  reviews and worked on curriculum design and faculty development projects in Canada, China, Columbia, Ghana, Italy, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Tanzania and Tajikistan.  With expertise in implementing a wide range of professional development activities and services that facilitated the development of innovative and effective curriculum strategies, I champion the introduction of new learning technologies and ongoing campus-wide conversations about current and relevant curricula and flexible learning environments, guided by the context of the learners.

I am an advocate for access to high-quality (open) educational resources and classrooms (digital and physical) without “walls”.  It is  my love of learning and teaching and my reflective practice, grounded in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and aimed at enabling inclusive and engaging learning experiences that is the inspiration for all of my work.